When some new company, product, trademark etc are introduced in a market advertisement is done for the awareness of the company or product .It is the willingness of every producer and marketer that his budget is spent in rite path hence each penny spent must have its return. Ball pens are one of the best and cheapest modes of advertisement .Every Businessman, teacher, student or any type of user does not dispose it off until its full consumption. Secondly the permanent printing is always in front of user’s eyes thus trade name is easily remembered by the user which is the main objective of any type of advertisement. Aftab Sons Writing Instruments Industries has printed ball pens for many International and Local companies. We are equipped with latest screen printing facility for ball pens. We have in house designing department. We are using high quality raw-materials for permanent printing and comfortable writing. We can provide required trademarks, company names, personal names etc… Printing on ball pens in both one and two colors.